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ClockAlign is Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client written to support:

  • RFC868 (Time Protocol)
  • RFC2030 (SNTP Protocol)
Beta 5

Last update: 09/05/01: ClockAlign 1.1 Beta 5 now available here.  I've tested things out, but I'm releasing as a beta to try to get all the bugs worked out.  Here's what's been fixed or new:

Beta 5:
- List of top 8 most recently entered Alternate Timebases (under Options|Timebase menu)
- Option to disable the Status bar
- Option to disable the Buttons bar
- Cleaned up the Alternate Timebase dialog box
Beta 1 thru 4 :
- Automatic update of Date icon in systray if computer is left on
- Added Option to dispaly in 12 or 24 Hour Time mode
- Added Option to Select Display Font
- Added Option to Remove systray icon
- Checking to have only a single instance running.
- Tray tooltip uses Time - Day/Month/Year
- Fixed/Optimized systray icon behavior
- Setting to Foreground when window is opened to resolve Win98/Win2000 issues.
- Enhanced wait cursor response
- Updated some more of the dialogs, menus and tray menu options
- Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000 RC2 Tested.
Coming in future beta's (hopefully):
- Option to Use date as application icon
- Automatically start with windows option
- Auto-update interval setting
- Trying to get proxy/firewall support added but no promises.
- NT event logging
- NT Run as a service
- Dialup support
- Install/Uninstall

Released Version 1.0 features include:

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  • Startup minimized to systray.
  • Align on startup optional, this allows you to copy to your startup folder and re-align on startup.
  • Date stamp as your tray icon so that you don't have to keep looking at a calendar to see what today's date is.
  • SNTP protocol handling to now account for Local Clock Offset, per RFC2030. This will result in greater accuracy, provided both your CPU and Internet connections are fast.
  • Basic Progress Control Bar (on a Status Bar pane) to display the above mentioned timebase response delay. As an aside, this means that ClockAlign will continue polling a timebase every few seconds until successful, or until the user explicitly issues the 'Reset' menu option.
  • 'Reset' option to the command menus to allow you to abandon hope that a Timebase will eventually respond. This is necessary as both Time/UDP and SNTP protocols use Unreliable Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets which can, and will, get dropped by Internet routers along the path to a distant Timebase.
  • Color control to ClockAlign, to handle the case where a strange desktop color theme renders my digit display invisible.
  • ClockAlign Help Page as an option off the Help Menu to answer some usability questions, etc.
  • an Alternate Timebase Selection dialog box for those users for whom the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC is not the nearest timebase.
  • Basic Command Line Handling. Now, anything on the command line (ie:/RunOnce) will cause ClockAlign to attempt to reset the system clock from the last selected Timebase. Useful if you are always connected to the Internet and have put ClockAlign in your STARTUP folder.

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